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  •     What are the three questions you MUST answer before you create a advertisement?
  •    SHOULD YOUR HEADLINE BE ALL CAPS? Discover the 100 year proven answer.
  •    How can you test a piece of advertising without spending a dime? The answer is simple...
  •    Reading your advertisement aloud to yourself is a great idea..but there's an even better way.
  •    Want people to believe you? This trick works every time!
  •    Here's the surest way to make your copy read SUPER fast...
  •    Discover the one phrase you must start with to make sure your advertisement is a real winner!
  •    There are only two things thar your reader cares about the most...Can you guess them?
The "115 Proven Advertising Secrets" Card Deck will give you the answer to these questions...
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Shaun Buck, Dan Kennedy's 2014 Marketer of the Year from Boise Idaho,
got his hands on this deck and sent me this note:
Shaun Buck
"I just got your advertising secrets deck and all I can say is WOW! It would have taken me days to read all of these books and
hopefully find all of these amazing ideas. Thank you so much for sharing these cards."
                  Daryl Hill from Annapolis, Maryland just got his copy of 115 Advertising Secrets... 
here's what he said:
Daryl Hill
"These secrets save me hours of time... instead of reading hundreds of pages... now I just jump in and let the ideas flow...
I've already got some killer ideas that I KNOW will get me more sales!"
Nick Kremer from Bettendorf, Iowa says, 
"It cuts out all the fat!":
Nick Kremer
"The deck is awesome.  I pull it out when I am taking a break and read through it.  I love that it has essentially cut out all the fat!"